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What makes ENEOR stand out from other markets?

ENEOR Energy is an independent consulting firm distinguished by a positioning of technical expertise, innovation and R&D preponderant. Illustration of this ambition, ENEOR is the first French independent Office of Energy Studies led by certified engineers CMVP (IPMVP protocol).

One of our main ambitions is the creation of value for our customers.. In other words, to allow our customers to control all of the issues associated with energy and value on the time. We firmly believe in the cohabitation of eco-responsibilities.   The investments in the field of economy of energy and the impact on the value of the activity of our customers (rehabilitation of the heritage, profitability, reduction in loads, increase margins, …) are not in opposition. Instead, the right equation for these two parameters to maximize the preeminence of each concept. The leverage effect is entirely possible.

We support our clients throughout their energy optimization projects by providing a complete package sitting on four fundamental pillars:

-  The technical quality and management of projects of our engineering teams
-  The latest computer technology generation
-  The metrology tools to our customers and our R&D missions
-  Our values

The accompaniment of ENEOR goes beyond purely regulatory objectives or certification / labeling. We integrate, indeed, all energy, and environmental concerns related to the comfort that impact in the short, medium and long term, without compromising the pragmatism and profitability criteria.

Thanks to this positioning, we enjoy a degree of loyalty of our customers very high. This fidelity and the level of satisfaction of our clients are the main engines of our enthusiasm and our motivation to develop the rigor and quality of our services.

We thank you!